Fledgling writer based in the UK. I write about film, philosophy, politics and other things that catch my interest. I try to post an essay in the last week of every month but, due to life and other distractions, this has become a goal rather than a habit. This site began as a way to express myself without reservation, and I hope you enjoy my many attempts to say something worth saying.

I have an undergraduate degree in Politics & Philosophy (First Class Honours) from Cardiff University, and a Master’s degree in Philosophy (Merit) from the University of Edinburgh. My main area of expertise lies in the history of twentieth century political thought, particularly those thinkers that emerged between 1900 and 1975. However, I also have a strong grasp of contemporary political philosophy, contemporary ethical thought, classical political thought, moral psychology, and modern political thought since the fifteenth century.

Before committing to writing seriously about the subjects listed above, I worked as an advertising copywriter for a number of reputable clients who will remain unmentioned.